Thursday, February 10, 2011

time transfer

i saw this building near downtown chicago and the colors struck me as beautiful.  i have no idea how or why this palette of pastels is wonderfully painted onto the side of this building, but i like it.  maybe an attached parking garage was one day removed and what we see is the remaining wall which used to contain a stairwell filled with painted over graffiti.  Or perhaps it was an easter egg factory that blew up, i don't know.  but somehow over time this canvas was painted onto this structure's side, both strategically and haphazardly, and i am certainly glad that it was.

this building also reminded me of some recent photo transfers i have done (like the one above).  primarily the color scheme seemed related and, upon closer look, there seems to be a similar rhythm and fading to both paintings.  i guess that's what i like about both pieces- they show the impression of time both spent and passing by.

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