Wednesday, January 26, 2011

looking back at my time exploring rural indiana...

Many libraries in Indiana offer "art checkout."  I wonder about the kinds of people who temporarily bring these pieces home with them and how frequently they change up their space.  I wonder how you can sneak your own artwork into these collections so that one of these folks will take a bit of you home with them.  (Carnegie Public Library, Angola)

It seems to me that one of the most popular business attractions in rural Indiana must be antique shops.  I have found some brilliant blasts from the past in Kendallville, Angola, and Grabill.  

Another great part about rural Indiana are these constant reminders of the past.  This old advertisement, painted on a building in downtown Columbia City, no longer serves it's marketing function, so is simply aesthetically pleasing.  The old jail in Columbia City can no longer function as a jail, so becomes the "Haunted Jail" instead every Fall. 

In Peru, Indiana, you can find a renowned collection of circus artwork, costumes, props, and photographs.  There is a beautiful art collection at the old Ruthmere estate in Elkhart, Indiana.  The family gained their wealth from creating Bayer pharmaceuticals and had several Italian sculptors visit their home in Elkhart to sculpt these statues.  

This house in Marion, Indiana was built by an oil tycoon over a century ago.  His young wife outlived him by several decades and was quite an intellectual and world-traveller, and her interior designs reflect this sensibility.  

But my absolute favorite part about rural Indiana is the open road!

(all photos taken by Megan Mirro)

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